Purchase your Infinity Domains™ by Pool.com now

Purchase your Infinity Domains™ by Pool.com now

Infinity Domains™
by Pool.com

Want to own a Top Level Infinity Domain™?

Get yours now on Ethereum & Polygon, the most trusted and secure blockchains.

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Just want to jump in and buy Infinity Domains™?

Secure new and exciting Web3 Domain names that stand out from the rest.

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Are you a current ICANN accredited registry looking to bridge to Web3?
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What we do

Web3 domain gateway

Pool.com offers you access to purchase your own unique Infinity Domain™ in Web3. It also offers the ability to mint and distribute Second Level Domains, and allows you to sell Second Level Domains to others.

TLD Guard™

Peace of mind knowing your trademark can’t be registered by anyone else while you take some time to decide how you’re going to jump into Web3. Limited Registrations can be upgraded to active TLDs when you are ready.

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Got a great idea?

Got a great idea for an Infinity Domain™ like .running that you want to sell to the world? We enable you to do all of that easily. Sounds a bit complicated? We are the experts and are here to help. Our 24/7 call centre team will fully support all your Web3 needs.

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How it works
We register all of our domain names on the Ethereum blockchain as well as the popular Polygon blockchain.
Once your domain is minted on the blockchain, it’s there forever.
Domains must be renewed each year to ensure they are active.
Frequently asked questions
The newest and greatest decentralized version of the web - the next generation of the Internet.
This is where your data, your capital, your finance, and your entire identity in Web3, will reside.
Already the owner of the trademark? We got you protected! You’ll have until April 4, 2023 to access it before the public can purchase your trademark.
Unlike any other TLD offerings, Pool.com ensures that trademark owners have a grace period, wherein they can claim their rightful Infinity Domain™!
Once the Sunrise Period of 60 days has lapsed, and the trade owner has not confirmed their purchase, then you will have full access to whichever Infinity Domain™ you wish.
Not only do we allow it, but it is automatic - it’s all yours!
Ownership of your Infinity Domain™ allows you to take full ownership of ALL Second Level Domains. You are the owner of everything, and can issue the SLD’s as you wish!