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Thousands of pre-owned Domain Names Up for Auction or Immediate Purchase

Ottawa, Canada - June 8, 2004 -, a leader in domain name backordering and secondary market sales, today announced the opening of its Domain Marketplace. The Domain Marketplace allows individuals, companies and organizations to buy or sell domain names via auctions and fixed-price sales.

"We are the dominant company in the domain backordering market and thousands of visitors come to our Web site every day to find and purchase attractive domain names," said J. Michael Arrington, chief executive officer at "It seemed only natural for us to expand our service to directly link domain buyers and sellers through the Domain Marketplace for this ‘pre-qualified’ audience."

The Domain Marketplace makes buying and selling domains fast and easy. Buyers use’s quick or advanced search tools to select the domains they would like to purchase. Buyers can also choose to receive email notifications when domains containing specified keywords are listed for sale.

Domain Sellers have a variety of tools available to help them sell their domains. offers domain sellers the choice between three different listing levels with corresponding marketing and promotional services. Domains are sold in two ways:

  • Auctions: The seller determines the duration of the auction (7, 10, or 14 days), and the highest bidder acquires the domain upon payment. A minimum price may be set for each auction.
  • Fixed Price sales: The seller sets a price at which the domain can be purchased on a first come, first served basis. also offers additional value-add services, such as advanced fraud protection for both buyers and sellers, escrow services and payment services.

"We are very excited about the huge and positive response we’ve received so far," said Taryn Naidu,’s general manager. "In just the last couple of weeks since the beta-launch we have had over 10,000 domains listed for sale. The Domain Marketplace has tremendous growth potential and we look forward to adding additional related services in the future."

About is a leading company in domain name backordering and secondary market sales. Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, is a member of the family of online enterprises, providing customers with high-quality high-value online services.