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Pool.com Wins 80 Percent in the .EU Sunrise; Offers Free Land Rush Pre-Orders; Leading Backordering Company Prepared for Largest Land Rush Since .COM

OTTAWA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 27, 2006--Pool.com, a leader in domain name acquisition and secondary market sales, announced today that it had an 80 percent success rate in securing domain names in the first two Sunrise phases of .EU. With more than 500,000 domains expected to be acquired during the .EU Land Rush on April 7, Pool.com is making it easier for its customers and partners to purchase their desired .EU domains by offering free Land Rush ordering and decreasing its acquisition cost to EUR 60.00.

"Our success rate for domain acquisition during the Sunrise period was exceptional and we expect even better results in the Land Rush," said Taryn Naidu, chief executive officer at Pool.com. "The launch of .EU is expected to revolutionize the European e-commerce marketplace and the Land Rush may be the only opportunity for the general public to stake their claims for the domains they want."

To date, 322,390 applications have been filed for .EU domain names during the Sunrise phase, the period prior to the Land Rush when registered trademark holders and public bodies such as governments and other organizations can apply for domains before the general public. The April 7 Land Rush will mark the first opportunity for public registration, where anyone with a presence in the European Union can register a .EU domain.

"There's no risk. Even if domain seekers have pre-ordered a domain elsewhere, there are no upfront costs of pre-ordering with Pool.com. We will significantly increase their chances of securing their desired .EU domain name," Naidu said. "When Pool.com secures a .EU domain name during the Land Rush, our customers and partners will be able to acquire it for the low acquisition fee of EUR 60.00, which includes a one-year domain registration."

In the event that more than one customer orders the same domain, Pool.com will auction the name to the highest bidder and the final amount, regardless of amount, will be in lieu of Pool.com's standard acquisition fee.

"We understand the complexity of this business and we're committed to helping all our customers, from large corporations to individuals, acquire the domain names they want," Naidu continued.

About Pool.com

Pool.com is a leading company in domain name acquisition and secondary market sales. It offers a complete suite of domain related services including secondary domain acquisition, direct and auction sales, domain security and DNS management. Headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Pool.com is a member of the Momentous.ca family of online enterprises, providing customers with high-quality, high-value online services.