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Deleted Campaign Web Site Address Returned to Senator for Renewal

WASHINGTON - March 8, 2005 - Pool.com chief executive officer Tony Farrow today made a special delivery to U.S. Senator Barack Obama (D-Illinois): he returned the Senator's campaign Web site address, www.barackobama.com. Pool.com, based in Ottawa, Canada and a leader in web backordering and secondary market sales, rescued the site address when it expired and was available on the open market.

"Websites are important vehicles to provide information to constituents and to boost participation in the political process," Obama said. "In the wrong hands, a web address can be used to mislead and misrepresent a public official's record. That is why I am extremely grateful that Pool.com allowed me the opportunity to renew my domain and ensure that the information on the page reflects my values and beliefs."

Typically, domain name owners purchase their Web site addresses from specialized domain name registries at a certain fee and length of time. If the domain name is not renewed at the end of the specified time, it falls into the secondary domain name marketplace - a literal pool of domains that can be obtained by registries and then sold to new users in an auction or a fixed-price format. Pool.com caught www.barackobama.com in their daily aggregation of deleted and expired domain names and alerted the Senator.

"When we saw Senator Obama's name fall into the pool, we knew there must have been a renewal oversight and quickly contacted the Senator's office for verification," Farrow said. "We understand the importance of personal Web addresses and are happy to provide Senator Obama with the opportunity to renew his campaign domain."

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